The Castle in the Mist
Title: The Castle in the Mist
Author: Liz Kessler


When Emily discovers an old diamond ring, how is she supposed to know that the ring is half the key to unlocking a curse from Neptune himself? Now with the ring stuck firmly on her hand, Emily finds herself under a new curse. Can she possibly find the other ring that will break all the curse? Is there anyone that can help her- before it's to late?

Summary Edit

The Castle in the Mist is the third book in the Emily Windsnap series. Emily Windsnap is a 12 year old girl who is part mermaid and part human. Her best friend, Shona, is a mermaid as well. In this book Emily puts on a ring that curse a curse put on by Neptune. Now Emily has to say good bye to one of her parents, unless she can get the help of a mysterious boy named Aaron.

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